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Taco Tequila Tuesday

Available 3/5/2019


A quick note on what's happening today at Terrazza. We are hosting the Hotel California Tequila group. This adult beverage is exquisite, it's one of these cases (such as Tito's vodka) where a small company (smaller then the bigger producers) actually makes a legit good tequila. We believe that this is case with the Hotel C. so we decided to host a night where their reps would come in with their liquor, our bartenders would then do the magic they always do and then you our guests would then be the judge. We also added tacos (because who would do a tequila tasting without tacos), choices of chicken, pork or shrimp, corn tacos served with Spanish rice, pinto beans, lettuce, Tomato and sour cream.

Come over let's do some judging (and drinking)


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