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Lobster Ravioli On the Patio

shishbarak is what Ravioli translates to in Lebanese. It consists of either meat, cheese, or anything you love between two thin layers of pasta.

Tradition back home dictates that these raviolis MUST contain minced meat. The minced meat is prepared meticulously. Then installed between the two layers of pasta.

We decided to take this tradition and (very carefully) twist it. We will use lobster meat instead! Why? Well, it's because who the heck doesn't love lobster? And who the heck doesn't love pasta?

Combine the two together you got yourself a masterpiece ... oh but wait ... because we know that you actually do LOVE lobster we are going to top the raviolis with more "Lobster".

Stop by and ask your server for this special this weekend - have a glass of wine or two... Harbor Town goes well with this! Oh and did we mention we have a patio that makes life a little better?

Have a good weekend.



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