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Reminiscing: Cippino and a Lobster-shrimp filet mignon

Available 5/9/2019

Thinking fondly of the past is attributed to different reasons. One of these reasons is: the past is familiar. When we think of familiar experiences, especially good ones, it makes us happy.

This proposition can be protracted when the present is not exactly where you want to be. For example at this moment, I am writing this article. I would rather be sitting on a sunny patio or a next to a warm fireplace having dinner or a drink. The reason is (if not too obvious) that the last time I did that, it made me extremely happy.

Very well, since this is the case, I would like to "re-do" exactly that!

What would I need to relive this experience ?

The answer is two phased. I will need a restaurant that offers the options I mentioned above, and two of my favorite dishes.

For the patio and/or the fireplace the answer is simple: Terrazza. Check out our pictures, videos, virtual tours and see for yourself.

As for my favorite dinner plates, the first is a filet migon topped with lobster and shrimp. This plate is served with potatoes and vegetables and topped with a beurre blanc white wine sauce. The other is "all the seafood" God gave us. AKA. Cioppino. Clams, mussels, calamari, scallops, and salmon with a spicy tomato broth sauce.

Try out our specials, and make good memories. In the end, what are we but just our memories. Have a great weekend,


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