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Marrying Maple, bacon and Scallops

Available 3/1/2019 to 3/3/2019


Human evolution of taste buds can be used to assert the statement that our existence is tightly correlated to our diet. In other words, some of us primarily exist to enjoy food. Of course (and again) , what else a restaurateur would say?

This week we decided to experiment with flavor layering. That is, the use of the precise amount of salty and sweet to extend flavor. And, what better flavor to extend than that of the famous Atlantic Scallop. St Jack's shells (a literal translation from French) have a heavenly taste, but when augmented with the sensory specific satiety caused by sugar and salt ... beyond delicious.

OK! enough intro talk - let's move to the details. This week we are presenting scallops as appetizers and as an entree. For appetizers, we will wrap these Atlantic delicacies with bacon and finish them with our exclusive Morey Sugar Farms maple syrup ... it's a very simple dish, yet I promise you that you will fall inlove with it.

For the entree, we experimented with running an unannounced special last week : a classic scallop over asparagus risotto - our chef found some exquisitely fresh scallops. We ran out of specials in under three hours, and I promised some patrons that we will have more this week. So, dear promised patrons - this week we managed to make more of this concoction.

Please feel free to comment below and let me know how you like them ! Feel free to suggest any other recipes or ideas we can experiment with!

have a good weekend


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