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Lobster Trio

Available 4/19/2019

Life is food. This is the undeniable truth - well at least for a restaurateur. It is then logical to ascertain that good food yields a better life. It is simple, yet a large number of people choose to be willfully blind to this truth.

The internet can attest for this proposition. Thousands, if not millions of "eat good live good" articles exist on social media to confirm this fact.

You might be thinking right now, what constitutes good food?

"Good food" is these crustaceans planted by God himself on the shores of Stonington, Maine. The ocean, climate, and shores conspire to give us one of the best lobsters kind in existence. We take these masterpieces cook them to perfection, place them on fresh baked bun, and then top them with a light mayo celery infusion. The result: Three Lobster Rolls. It would be rude not to offer chips to accompany this dish. So we made our own lightly salted chips and added them to the plate.

Skeptical as you may be, this dish would make your life better. Even if it was for a brief moment, it is worth trying. Give it a shot! ... and have a shot too while you are at it!

I hope you had a good week, and I hope you will have a great weekend too!



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