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Halibut with a Tomato-clam sauce

Available 3/29/2019

Holy-fish or halibut is one of the best gems the pacific has to offer. Their cousins that made it to the Atlantic are now endangered. I am sure there is some science behind the reasons why this is the case, but I believe it is caused by over fishing. Let's think about this for a moment. Out of all the fruits the ocean bares- this specific fish was so deliberately hunted by us "the predators" that it almost went extinct ... but it didn't !!! Let's also think about that ... when humans found out that it would go extinct they immediately seized fishing and substituted it with the pacific halibut. Why? Because - life would be harder if we lived in a world where this tasty fish does not exist! It might be never available for our generation - but the thought that our children might enjoy it might suffice.

We will be serving it with a light clam-tomato, spinach, over linguine. A perfect dish to consume with a Riesling. Yes a Riesling - give it a shot and if you think it does not extend the flavor - I will buy you that glass of Chardonnay.



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