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Exclusive Italian Wine Dinner

On 3-21-2019 at 6:30 PM - 5 course meal - $50 pp


It seems that some wine distributors and restaurants try to make wine feel and sound too complex for non-connoisseurs (like me) then hike up the price. We on the other hand feel the need, if not actually obliged to pay exuberant amounts of money because, of course, a bottle with a sent of wildflower and a hint of savage honey should be worth THAT MUCH.

Here's a simple rule I hope you give some thought to. Consume the wine that extends the flavor of your plate. Here's how you could achieve that: Sit down at either one of our fifteen tables, or the bar with your back straight and arm yourself with utensils. Order your favorite dish, have a bite. Take a mental note about how that tasted like. Now, have a sip of that wine you ordered. Make sure you actually sip the wine as if you are trying to wash all these taste-buds you have. Try another bite. If your eyes light up and you feel as if your second bite is better then the first. Congratulations the wine is good. If that did not happen. The wine you picked for this meal is not good. I don't care if it is a $500 bottle.

Help us put this rule to the test!

Thursday 21st of March at 6:30 a good friend of mine, wine connoisseur, and distributor Abramo is hosting Paolo Ghislandi. He owns the Colli Tortonesi winery. The wine will be served with four courses. There's a welcome drink and a dessert in addition to these four courses.

The first course is a Bourbon fig jam infusion and Brie, we found that the Timorasso would go really well with it. The second is our own stuffed portabella seafood mushroom. That goes with the Rugiada del mattino. It almost feels that whoever designed our taste budds created that wine to go with that plate. Third course is the Beet Gorgonzola salad. This is a trick to just eat Gorgonzola - this goes with Barbera - Sette Zolle. Finally, the lamb orzo, some of my regulars favorite. This goes with the Barbera Superior - Bruma d'autunno. All these wines are produced by the Colli Tortonesi winery.

Remember bite #2 should taste better than Bite #1.

The dessert is Brownie S'mores topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Yours truly,


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