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Braised Lamb Shank over Risotto

Braised Lamb Shank over Risotto

Available 1/31/2019 to 2/1/2019


This concoction (my favorite winter dish) gives life meaning again. Of course, what else would a restaurateur say? 

The bone-in lamb shank,hand picked by Alex, makes your mouth water for a reason. Our ancestors didn't have the luxury of a butcher that would carve out the meats into perfect squares that you could then pick up at the grocery store. Instead, they would hunt, cook overnight, then eat the next day holding the bone-in shank in one hand and their spear in the other. Now you don't have to mimic their rituals at our establishment (unless you insist).

The shank is braised overnight, the process is in place to make the meat fall of the bone by a mere look.

It gently sits on a bed of risotto and is topped by its own broth. The broth here is key, it is fashioned from carrots, onions, and very little potato for starch (along with a few other ingredients and spices). Reduced for consistency, then put in the food processor for some twenty seconds. The result: pure bone-in lamb shank extended flavor. 

Stop by and have one, I promise you a great experience.

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