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Beer Battered Haddock

Available 3/7/2019-3/9/2019


It is customary to eat seafood around this time in New England. (also throughout the year) So, as a small restaurant in a small town in the smallest state, we will surely follow tradition and offer this weekend a truly moreish special.

It has many names varying from the fisherman platter, to the captain's dish... The common denominator helps us understand better why this dish even exists. It's made to feed hungry men and women. Ladies and Gents it is a large portion - Please pace yourself.

We also added a twist to it, by using one of our favorite beers (yuengling) to fashion a batter. We then used the handpicked haddock and gently dipped it in this golden mixture.

I wish I could include the aroma and the sizzling this returns from our fryolator - but since I can't you need to stop by and see for yourself. This is served with pomme frites (fancy for steak fries that are beyond delicious), tartar sauce, and coleslaw. Yes! We would never dare serving it without coleslaw. Most venues exclude it because it's too fast-foodish - we won't because it's just too good and who are we to change two millennia for tradition!

Stop by this weekend and try out our specials and please let us know what you think.

Yours truly,


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