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A Terrazza Pizza Flight!

Happy National Pizza Day!

Available 2/8/2019 to 2/10/2019


You do not need to spend money on expensive flights to experience worldly pizzas and beers. Instead, consider coming over to our establishment, and give our pizza flight a try. This week, to celebrate national pizza day, we decided to start a little competition between us at Terrazza.

The special this week is composed a combination of three different pizza recipes and three different beers. The first pizza is a brie and bourbon fig jam. These two ingredients are so good together to the degree where they should get legally married! The second, is a Pepperoni pizza. The fat and salt from the Pepperoni make the cheese and dough heavenly. Third, the chicken buffalo pizza. If pizzas were regulated, this would be the basic standard that everyone that need to get a pizza license need to perfect. We hope that you would like ours!

The three beers that accompany this special are ; Yuengling, Stella, and Sam Winter.

Give our special a try and make sure you let your server know which is the best - for Alex, Evan and Myself made a (little) bet on this and want to know which pizza is the most popular.

Bon Voyage!


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