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A Primal Bunch!

Available 2/22/2019 to 2/23/2019


We are now offering brunch - Every Saturday and Sunday between 11-3 pm. The idea behind it isn't just to add another Brunch venue to your so ever expanding list of fine restaurants in northern Rhode Island, but instead to offer a somewhat peculiar alternative.

Brunch food, for most of the working class that have a glass or two bottles the night before, is simply a cure to that ageist hang-over feeling that gets more brutal as you age. Given that some of us still actually enjoy to have a late breakfast or an early lunch. Therefore, some brunch venues offer food that exactly cures that made of processed and refined sugar then made syrup and eggs that come from chicken that are brutally treated and have never seen a green field. Well why not? People love to eat 25 pancakes stacked on top of each other - add the sugar rush to that .. Man you are good to go!

So, we thought, why not be a little more mindful about our diets and get the real stuff. Real maple syrup, real fresh ingredients and most importantly real organic, cage free eggs. Have you ever had them? I mean sure they are more expensive to buy and more rare to find, but why would I consume anything that I wouldn't give my own daughter? (did i make the case ?)

So for this weekend, you can either check our brunch menu online or try our special - A chorizo bowl made with ground beef, poached organic eggs, spinach, and topped with pico de gallo. This brunch special is paleo - a fancy way to say "healthy" or "approved by our ancestors" that is when hunters and gatherers roamed this beautiful planet of ours.

Join us this weekend for dinner, brunch or lunch.

But most importantly have a good weekend!


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